The goal of Catalyst is to help children develop into self-directed learners and autonomous problem solvers and to facilitate each child’s quest to create meaning in a complex and evolving world.

Mission: We champion innovation in education to create learning experiences that are engaging, continuous, and future focused.


The assumptions of industrial-age-model of schooling are no longer sufficient for children to thrive in the 21st Century. Because information is ubiquitous and in constant flux, we have to move beyond teachers as mere transmitters of content. Our educators become curators of experiences - guides and coaches who help students explore, observe, and reflect. We have to help children develop the critical thinking skills necessary to be good citizens.


To that end, we merge the best classroom practices with educational theory and developments in learning science. Metacognition, or “thinking about thinking,” helps students use their knowledge, skills, and abilities to embrace their curiosity in service of deep learning. Students are encouraged to play, explore, innovate, and create. They are given choice with the aim of becoming self-directed, autonomous problem solvers, who create meaning in the world around them.


At Catalyst, we champion an innovative and individualized approach to education. We seek to develop empathetic humans who are skilled in collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. Helping students to become academically prepared is simply one facet of a thoughtful education. In addition to developing the kinds of skills that will allow them to effectively learn and thrive in the school setting, we must have the broader focus of preparing them for a meaningful life in a complex and evolving world beyond the classroom. With these goals in mind, we consistently pursue a relevant, engaging, and challenging approach to thinking and learning, where shifting students from consumers to producers is an essential component of the educational experience.

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