Enterprise Time Workshop

At Catalyst, one of the driving questions for students is “How will I affect the world?” We are tackling this question during what we call Enterprise Time. Enterprise Time (ET) is an opportunity for students to focus on personal, purpose-driven projects. Students have been work-shopping their ideas and using our taxonomy toolkit to help them answer the big picture questions about their projects.

During the workshop process, students recorded their personal guiding questions for other to see. Their peers then added sticky notes with questions to help focus their thinking even further. This collaborative learning aided our students in narrowing the research and sub-goals needed for their passion projects.

The students enjoyed being a part of the discussion about their classmate’s projects. Many found the questions very enlightening and added some new ideas to their passion project. Many of our students found that, in working together, they can accomplish more than they can alone.

Our middle school students are continuing research and development on their passion projects. We are excited to see what these amazing students will create that will affect the world!

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